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RWC Minutes Feb 28, 2017

Rollingwood Women’s Club Meeting
Feb 28, 2017
At the home of Emily Seiders at 2700 Pickwick Lane

Marissa Mireur called the meeting to order and introduced Jeffery Casey owner of Handycheck Home Maintenance, which he comes by a clients home regularly and checks lights, filters, plumbing and appliances. He encouraged members to think about fire safety and have a plan in place. He also recommended having a home’s a/c checked seasonally.

Marissa then welcomed new members Allegra Fritos and Kate Ford.

She then introduced Omiara Brightman and Tomoko Hall for 5k on April 28th. The 5k is looking for two people to co-chair July Fourth with Krista Dillard under Roseann Ferraro. The said there were decisions for members to make, such as if we wanted a live band at the finish line or a playlist. They’re also looking for fun children’s activities. P Terry’s is coming back as well as Amy’s in addition to Pinkberry. There will be a VolunteerSpot coming out soon for race volunteers, and those interested can email Kelly Dixon They also asked if we wanted to repeat family sponsorship of the race like we did last year. Previously, RWC used and raised $1000 with family sponsorships. 

Toni Hudson spoke about Its My Park Day, which will be March 4th, at 10am where residents will be planting bluebonnets in playscape area and mulching trees in lower park. There will be refreshments.

Marissa reminded members that we hadn't spent the $16,000 on the wall thanks to the RCDC (Rollingwood Community Development Committee). It is now 145 feet long. Currently, there is around $27,000 in the bank. Excluding the $5,000 we leave in bank for emergencies, we now have $22,000 to spend. Roseann Ferraro added that we already have $7,000 in sponsorships from the from 5k already committed. Robyn from City Hall has already requested $3,300 to paint City Hall. She’s asked members to have proposals organized and ready for the next meeting. Preferably, submitted to the board ahead of time so we can give members some time to look  over them. 

Mayor McKee updated members on the chairs we ordered for City Hall last year and said they look great and thanked RWC again. Catherine Scott asked Toni about master plan for the park, who reminded members that the Parks Commission has been working on it for over a year. She directed members to do the survey on survey monkey. The next community meeting is in March 23rd. She noted that lower play scapes are not ADA accessible and that is something that the Parks Commission would like to address.  

Next meeting is March 28th at Wendi Hundley’s house at 2502 Bettis Blvd.  

Minutes Submitted by Secretary Kelly Dixon

Approved by Marissa Mireur

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Photos from January 25, 2017 Meeting

Meeting Minutes January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017
Annual State of the City Meeting
City Hall

Secretary Kelly Dixon called the meeting to order. There were 30 members present. RWC thanks Terra Yeske for acting as Hospitality for the meeting. 

Treasurer Nicole Julian was absent, but sent a report. 2016 taxes have been filed with IRS online

December 31st, 2016  Bank Balance $27,988.69
January activity 
        Holiday Party expenses paid $1022.72
        Direct Mailing paid $1076.37 (September and December postcards)
        5k sponsor deposit $1000.00

Current account balance is $26,899.60

Kelly announced to members that the $16,000 that the RWC pledged to the rebuilding of the lower wall has been returned. The RCDC will cover that costs. Members are asked to start thinking about fund requests for a future meeting. 

Kelly then announced the winners of the Annual Lights Contest. 
3rd Place, The West Family of 4919 Timberline
2nd Place, The Schindler Family 3304 Gentry Drive
1st Place The Fitzgerald Family of 442 Ridgewood Drive
And Life Time Achievement Award to Diane and Bob Dillard of 2810 Pickwick Drive

Fourth of July Chair, Krista Dillard is looking for a co-chair or two to help shoulder the parade responsibilities. 

The RWC 5k Chairs Tomoko Hall and Omaira Brightman updated members on the progress of the race which is scheduled for Friday, April 28 at 6pm. There will be a planning meeting at Las Palomas on February 8 at 7pm. 

Chief Dwayne Pryor was introduced and informed members that the department is fully staffed at nine full time officers with nine reserve officers. Crime is way down, and he highlighted December 2016 in particular. No burglaries, thefts or auto thefts were reported. He credited several elements with the decrease, including neighborhood watches, relationships with neighboring police departments and that police cars will follow delivery trucks delivering packages to dissuade potential thieves. 

In 2017, he plans on reestablishing the relationships with the Eanes School District. He considers the greatest challenge ahead to continue to be telephone scams and identity theft. Typically, callers will pose as the Travis County Sheriff’s office with an arrest warrant, jury summons, or taxes. All scams ask for payment immediately. He asks members to put the word out to neighbors. This is a difficult crime to prosecute because it can often originate outside the country.

There was discussion about traffic issues, particularly changes in speed limit signs on Bee Caves. A sign was incorrectly changed from 40mph to 45mph by the state. There were also calls for increased enforcement at Rollingwood Drive and Riley stop signs, as well as more eyes on Gentry. Several members were concerned with the McDonalds entrance at Westbank and Rollingwood drive. The visibility of intersection Hatley Dr and Ridgewood was of concern. Pryor pledged to station officers at areas that need additional attention, and upgrade signage.

Pryor also encouraged parents to bring kids into meet police officers and attend National Night Out which usually happens late summer. He also thanked members for participation for Brown Santa.

Next, RWC welcomed Mayor Roxanne McKee. She began with a thank you to members for offering to cover the costs of the lower wall and for the Trader Joe’s gift cards that the city staff received for Christmas. 

The Lower Park Retaining Wall project is complete and the park will be open in the next few days. 

Next, she addressed the cities’ plan for Oak Wilt prevention, which includes a $125,000 budget to trench active oak wilt centers.  She reminded members that there is a ban on trimming from February 1-June 30th. Look in your water bill for further information. The city is in process of looking for city arborist with Oak Wilt certification. 

As for the South Mopac Expansion, Rollingwood is officially against plans that would put double decker bridge over Lady Bird Lake. The city prefers two proposals that would add two express lanes both ways, but that keep all lanes on one level. There is a workshop at City Hall next Monday, February 6 at 7pm with Amy Pattillo and Wendi Hundly to address this. 

McKee told members about MS4 Compliance, which is a Federal and State law that addresses storm water run off. This includes fertilizer, pet waste, branches and leaves. Even organic matter can cause blockages and nutrient pollution that encourages algae growth. She also reminded members that all fallen and trimmed tree branches will get picked up by regular trash collection. 

She also presented members with photos of recently damaged sewage lift stations and  grinder pumps. Each repair is around $1,000 and is typically a result of unprocessable items being flushed down toilets or sinks, such as baby wipes, feminine products, egg shells, glass shards and coffee grinds. 

The Park Commission is updating the parks master plan. Look out a for survey from Survey Monkey.  There will be public meetings with the Parks Commission on February 23 and March 22 meetings 7pm at City Hall. 

Spring clean up is March 17 and 18th. Dumpsters will be at upper park. 

There was some discussion of the proposal to add a cell phone tower to the neighborhood. Though a new cell phone tower could potentially generate significant income and increase reception, the original proposal had a huge foot print, so plan is on hold. 

Kelly dismissed the meeting. 

Minutes submitted by Kelly Dixon

Approved by Marissa Miraur

Monday, December 19, 2016

November 15, 2016 Meeting Notes

RWC Meeting
November 15, 2016
At the Home of Aimee Petty at 2606 Pickwick

President Marissa Mireur called the meeting to order. Thirty-five members were present. She welcomed three new members Kim McManus on Pleasant Drive, Eliza Hansen on Park Hills and Jennifer DiGaetano on Los Lomas Drive. 

At the start of the meeting, Nicole Julian, Treasurer reported $28,189.06 in our account. However, it is noted that $2,000 of the money has been set aside for last year’s disbursement for the new chairs at City Hall.

The Executive Director of the Jeremiah Program, Shannon Moody and Laura Bennet spoke about their new residence that is slated to open in the new year. The Jeremiah Program is open to low-income single moms with kids younger then 4 with no college degree that want pursue college degrees. The Program will provide affordable housing, educational support and high quality pre-school for 35 families. They noted that they were looking for volunteers to help with meal prep on Mondays and Wednesday and to help with babies during the resident’s bi-weekly empowerment class. Interested members can contact the Jeremiah Program. 

Next up is the nomination of Leslie Gandy for Hospitality Chair. Marnie Fitzgerald seconds. The motion passes. 

Membership Chair Bunny Michele reported that RWC has 95 paid members. Marissa congratulates RWC member Roxanne McKee on her new position as Rollingwood mayor.

Next on the agenda is voting on the disbursement of funds. Marissa reminds applicants to bring their requests ahead of time next year so members have time to get familiar with the asks. Also, this year there will be no more earmarked items; all proposals must to be able to be completed by June 30th or the funds will return to the RWC’s account. Marissa also requests a white board for next year to keep track of everything. In old business, Leah Paulo will be spearheading Little Library at the park that we allocated $500 for in the 2015 and dedicating it in honor of Joyce Howell. We also will keep $5,000 in the bank for operating expenses which leaves us with around $21,000 to disburse.  

Becky Combes thanked RWC on behalf of the garden for gifts in the past. 

  1. Shanthi Jayakumar asks for $1,000 to upgrade our 10 year old PA system, Heidi Smith seconds the motion. Motion passes. 
  2. Toni Hudson asked for $750 for bike racks for the parks. However, there is interest in larger and more unique bike racks. Flo Macklin has made a motion to approve up to $3,000 for the bike racks and recycling can $1,402.60 for Rollingwood Park. Lawton Cummings seconds. Motion passes. 
  3. Robin at City Hall asks through Marissa for $3,000 to paint City Hall’s interior. Its noted that it inside has not been painted since 1975. She also asks for an additional $1,000 for more chairs on top of the $3,000 from last year’s allocation. Toni Hudson makes a motion to allocate funds and Sara Hutson seconds it, but the motion does not pass. 
  4. Shanthi Jayakumar on behalf of Sandra Farrell asks for edging and new mulch around the fitness equipment. Estimates to complete the project range from $3,000-$5,000.  No motion is made. 
  5. Mayor Roxanne McKee updates members about construction on the cliff face over the lower park, which has been closed after loose boulders fell near the toddler playscape. She tells members that the cliff is on a fault line and that due to water run off from from the park and the baseball fields that pieces are breaking off. Currently, a construction crew is out putting a 100 retaining wall on the cliff face, which is costing the city $91,000. This 100ft wall does not include area behind swings and pavilion, and the city wants to extend project another 15ft. Mayor McKee asks members for the $16,000 to extend the wall to 120ft to go behind the swings and pavilion. Flo Macklin makes a motion to allocated $16,000 for the retaining wall and Joan Parker seconds it. Motion passes with the caveat that RCDC may reimburse RWC for the funds in February. 
  6. Wendi Hundley updated members on the Master Park Plan from Park Commission, which has not been updated since 2003. The Park Commission is compiling an inventory and wish list for the park and has had a meeting with WHAC board, the Little League Board that uses the baseball fields as well as other stake holders. There will be a community meeting in February, following a neighborhood survey in January. Issues on the table include irrigation and erosion control for upper park, invasive species removal and dead trees, getting ADA accreditation for the playgrounds, water feature, more trees in upper park. They also hope to  increase parking space as well as adding art to the park. There are no asks this year, but she let members know to look out for BIG asks in 2017.

Minutes Submitted by Kelly Dixon
Minutes Approved by Marissa Mireur

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes Oct 25, 2016

Rollingwood Woman’s Club Minutes
October 25, 2017

At the home of Kathi Seiders at 2505 Bettis.

President Marissa Mireur calls the meeting to order and gives the treasurer’s report for
Treasurer Nicole Julian who is absent. RWC has $28,189.06 in our bank account.

Next Marissa updates members on new proposed board position of Event Chair. The Event Chair would oversee the 4k and Fourth of July chairs. After speaking with Parliamentarian Melissa Morrow, it is recommended that the new position be tested as tad hoc role for once year. In that year, the new Event Chair would have no board voting privileges, but would attend board meetings. Catherine Scott makes a motion to nominate Rosanne Ferraro as Event Chair.  Amy Rung seconds. Motion passes. All members are in favor of the motion.

Member Cindy Reed makes an announcement that she five years breast cancer free and encourages members to get mammograms.

Member Barbara Legere talks about picking a photographer and how to take good photos with your iPhone.

Next are proposals for the Disbursement of Funds, which will be voted on in November.  Marissa reminds members that all projects that receive funds need to be completed by end of fiscal year in July 2017, or the money will be returned to RWC. 

Member Shanthi Jayakumar proposes investing in a PA System for use at 4th of July, or upgrading existing system so people in the back can hear. Members note that our current system is about 10 years old.

Member Toni Hutson from Parks Commission makes two requests. The first one is for $750 to put two bike racks in park, one in the upper park and one in the lower park.  The cost breaks down as follows; $250 for racks $250 for freight $250 for installation. Each will hold 5 bikes for 10 bikes total.

The second request is for $1402.60 for recycling cans for park, one to be placed the upper park and one inn the lower park. Marissa noted that we could increase that ask to four cans.

Marilyn announced City of Rollingwood collection for one stone bench in memory of Joyce Howell. Look for a flyer with more information in the water bill.

Marissa noted that we still are in need of a hospitality chair.

Next meeting is Nov 15 at Aimee Petty’s house at 2502 Pickwick Lane. The November, RWC will collect donation in support of Jeremiah Program.  We will be asking for donations of household products such as We'll be looking for household products such as kitchen towels, household cleaners including laundry and dish detergent as well as non-gender specific toys for preschool kids. Each box will value $250.

Minutes Submitted by Secretary Kelly Dixon

Minutes Approved by Marissa Mireur